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Mark Henry Return

Mark Henry will be returning to WWE at this weekend's live events in Madison Square Garden. Ric Flair is also scheduled to appear at the live events too.

Seth Rollins Interview

Seth Rollins was recently interviewed by the Fay Observer. Here are the highlights.

How he came up with his name:
"Seth Rollins is a little bit of an ode to an idol of mine, Henry Rollins. He's the leader of one of my favorite bands, Black Flag. Seth is just a name that I liked."

Something he wishes viewers would see that they don't:
"The one thing I think that's very under the radar and is kind of underappreciated about what we do is that wrestling is really an art form. It's a super-unique interactive medium of storytelling. It's part script, part improvisation."

"There's so much that goes into the presentation of what we do. The crew that works behind the scenes that doesn't get any of the credit is amazing. They work nonstop. There's no rest. There's no off season."

His future:
"During the next couple of years, I plan on being even better than this year, which is saying a lot, because 2014 has been the best year of my career. I just want to be the man."

Chris Jericho Interview

Chris Jericho recently sat down with Michael Cole for a WWE interview. The two were out of character. Jericho explained that he's a big fan of Bray Wyatt's character and he looks forward to working with him. He also went on to say that he believes Randy Orton is one of the all time greats. Michael and him also touched on the topic of Jericho expanding his career outside of WWE with a podcast and a very successful band.

Renee Young Backstage Status

According to a few recent reports, many people backstage in WWE have experienced an ascension from Renee Young. She was recently promoted to doing commentary on WWE Superstars. Backstage talent feels that she will eventually transition into a commentary role on Smackdown and then make her way to Raw. It's a known fact now that ESPN had also shown interest in signing Young to a deal.

Wwe Talent Not Happy

There's word coming out that WWE talent is upset about the recent earnings that they received from WWE. People who normally make $70,000 from the 1st quarter video game royalty checks only made $11,700. The backstage feeling though is that things will not be changing. Vince is still changing things up because of his company's stock plummeting this year.

Kurt Angle Leaving Tna

Kurt Angle revealed during Jim Ross' latest podcast that TNA offered him a new deal, but he did not sign it. Angle's current contract with TNA is set to expire on September 21st of this year. There's a very good possibility that he could show up in WWE afterwards. He's been openly expressing interest in a return.

The Rock Too Expensive For Wwe

It may be hard to believe, but WWE might not be able to afford bringing The Rock back for WrestleMania 31. With the recent financial struggles that the company has gone through, WWE may not be able to give The Rock a hefty cheque next year. The company is looking to cut down as much as possible on costs, so there's a good possibility that the two sides will not be able to come to an agreement next year.

Santino Marella Retires

Santino Marella recently announced at a WWE house show that he is being forced to retire due to a an injury. It's unknown whether WWE will give Marella the opportunity to make this announcement on a televised show.

Why Randy Beat Dean Ambrose

The reason why Randy Orton cleanly defeated Dean Ambrose on Raw was because WWE wants Orton to look strong going into his upcoming PPV matches with Roman Reigns.

Sting Confuses Fans

Sting updated his Twitter with a cryptic message of, "07.14.14" and many are speculating that he is referring to next week's episode of WWE Raw. He might be announced as a playable wrestler for WWE 2K15. In any case, Sting has successfully caused a social media buzz for himself because of this.

Jim Ross Sucking Up

Jim Ross blogged about the latest edition of WWE Monday Night Raw yesterday and a plethora of fans were critical of him as he appeared to be sucking up to WWE. The episode was nothing special, but Ross went out of his way to reveal that he enjoyed certain aspects of the show when it was obvious that they were no that great.

Cm Punk Return

There were rumours beginning to float around as WWE began featuring CM Punk on WWE Rewind this week. On top of that, Punk's wife, AJ Lee returning to the company only fuelled speculation. However, there currently are no plans to have Punk return. In fact, his contract is set to expire on July 17th.

Brock Lesnar Returning Soon

Brock Lesnar may soon be returning to WWE. Because Daniel Bryan is still recovering, management wants to utilize Lesnar in a higher profile role. The new plan appears to have John Cena capturing the World Title, so that he can defend against the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Many fans refuse to admit it, but Lesnar is a huge draw and asset for WWE.

Daniel Bryan Missing Summerslam

There's a very strong possibility that Daniel Bryan may miss Summerslam this year. His rehabilitation after surgery has not been going as fast as WWE had initially anticipated.

Update On New Jeff Jarret Promotion

The behind the scenes work for Jeff Jarrett's new wrestling promotion, Global Force Wrestling are in full swing. They've announced a talent exchange partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Great Khali Returns To Wwe

Over the weekend, the Great Khali made his return to WWE at a live event in Pennsylvania. He worked a quick match against Titus ONeil. This could indicate that he is getting ready to make a return to Monday Night Raw.

Jim Ross Appearing In Film

Jim Ross has secured a role in an upcoming independent comedy movie entitled What Now. The legendary commentator noted that he is now headed to Los Angeles to begin film shooting. The movie is said to have pro wrestling elements.

Roman Reigns Not Ready

For a while, there was a general consensus that WWE was grooming Roman Reigns to win the WWE Heavyweight Championship by the end of the year. It appears that plans have changed and the company has realized that it is simply too soon. The main event scene will be shifted back towards John Cena now.

John Cena To Win World Title

Word going around right now is that John Cena will capture the WWE Heavyweight Championship at WWE's upcoming, Money in the Bank PPV. The original idea was to have a heel win it, but those plans appear to have been scrapped at this point.

Batista Film Box Office Prediction

There's a good chance that Batista's upcoming film, Guardians of the Galaxy may not do very well at the box office. The production company opted to not allow reviewers have a look at the film prior to release. The trailer also appeared very dull. Triple H also took a verbal jab at the film when Batista was on air with WWE.

Bobby Lashley Wins Tna Title

Bobby Lashley became the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion on the last edition of Impact Wrestling. It's being said that this was a good move by the company since Lashley is actually quite the asset to TNA. Hopefully TNA is able to garner some extra attention because of this.

Cm Punk And Aj Lee Married

Although it has not officially been confirmed, rumors were spreading around online that CM Punk and AJ Lee had married. Now, there are rumors that AJ Lee might already be pregnant. Apparently, an insider source in WWE has verified this claim.

Chris Jericho Talks About Kicking Brazilian Flag

Back when Chris Jericho was with WWE, during a house show in Brazil, Jericho kicked the Brazilian flag. This sparked a very negative response from the crowd, and once Jericho got backstage, there were soldiers waiting with guns. He revealed that Vince sent him the following text, "You will not be coming back to Brazil. what the f--k is wrong with you, why would you do something like that? I'm so angry at you." He later learned via WWE.com that he had been suspended. It appears that Jericho was simply trying to play the heel role, but may have taken it a little too far in this particular case. Nonetheless, everything is good now.

Wwe Releases Several Wrestlers

It's always sad to hear a wrestler losing there job, but we have to remember that WWE is a business. Like any other business, they have to make occasional tweaks to ensure that they're running nice and smoothly. With that in mind, the company decided to release 4 NXT wrestlers. They were Mason Ryan, Shaul Guerrero, Danny Burch, and Oliver Grey.

Sheamus Talks About Vince Mcmahon

Sheamus recently appeared on CBC Sports 920, and during the interview, he gave some insight on Vince McMahon. The following is what he said, "Vince is really quiet. You'll see him backstage and he's quiet. He's really focused on what he's doing. He's cool, always been cool with me I've never had a problem with him. Get along with him well and he's a fair boss." Since Sheamus is still employed by WWE, he obviously is wise in not saying anything negative about his boss.

Kofi Kingston Being Buried

Kofi Kingston is the third wrestler who has achieved his 100th televised singles loss. The other two who also share that same feat are Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger. This is nothing to be proud of, and it shows the likelihood of Kofi ever being pushed. His career was never the same after Orton complained about him to management.

Goldberg At Wrestlemania 31

It's being heavily rumored that Goldberg is open to doing a match at Wrestlemania 31 next year. The 48 year old former World Champion has kept himself in great shape, so there should not be much ring rust.

Hulk Hogan Going To Japan

The reason why WWE decided to add Hulk Hogan to the Japan tour in Tokyo was because Hogan has not been there for over 10 years. WWE's popularity had been declining in that country, so they were hoping for a spike in ticket sales because of Hogan's appearance. It worked as ticket sales increased.

Aj Styles Compares Indy Shows To Tna

AJ Styles was on Live Audio Wrestling recently, and was asked why some Indy shows are able to draw more fans than some TNA live events. He answered with the following. "I don't quite understand why this is, but almost every show I've been at has drawn that kind of number. I'm not saying it's me, I'm saying the promoters know what they're doing. That's what's so crazy about this, I'm having so much fun and I'm going, wow, for somebody to say that I wasn't worth the money, there sure are a lot of people showing up at these independent shows to see exactly what I do. It's confusing, to say the least, but I'm very excited about the fact that I'm able to work in front of all these people and I'm able to give them their money's worth."

Mick Foley Wants John Cena To Change

Mick Foley revealed that he's in favor of changing John Cena's character. He posted the following on his Facebook page.

How good was that #BrayWyatt/children's choir creepy sing-along last night on #RAW? So good that I wish I'd thought of it back during my original #WWE feud with The Undertaker. I have become a HUGE Bray Wyatt fan, and consider any comparison between Bray and anything I did in my career as a big compliment.

As many of you know, I have also been a vocal supporter of John Cena. I genuinely like John as a person, and have defended him many times as a wrestler. It's easy to defend Cena against the looping haymakers thrown by most detractors: he can't wrestle, he has only three moves, he's been carried by great opponents. But there's this one knock on Cena for which I have no defense. It's not a looping haymaker, that can be seen, countered and sent right back at the claimant. No, it's more like a stiff jab that sneaks through even the best pro-Cena defense. A stiff jab of honesty from which there is no countering, avoiding or evading. A stiff jab that continually states that the Cena character is stale. I agree, It's time for a change.

Bray Wyatt has a chance to be the initiator of that change. A chance to show the world a different Cena; a desperate, dangerous, angry Cena. He's half-way there. Cena's blaming of the WWE Universe for putting him in an impossible situation was a good start. His look of disbelief and defeat as Bray Wyatt gently rocked that mask-wearing child was powerful in its believability and subtlety. But, as good as it was, I could not fully enjoy the brilliant, chilling segment - one of the most memorable things I've seen on Raw in tears, because of ...because of...because of those WRISTBANDS! Because of those wristbands...and the HAT! Because of those wristbands, and the hat...and the bright green FLOURESCENT SHIRT!

I LIKE John Cena - but everytime he raised his hand and put it to his head last night, I couldn't help but feel "he's trying to sell me something". Every time he waved his cap, I thought, "he's trying to sell me a hat." Every time he walks through that curtain, I get the feeling he's trying to sell me something. I could not, and can not completely enjoy this amazing groundwork that Bray Wyatt is in the process of laying down, unless I'm convinced that it is bringing out a different side...a change.. in John Cena. In order for John Cena to start completely SELLING ME on a change in his character, he's got to be willing to stop SELLING ME his merchandise every time he raises his hand.

In the short run, it will cost both John Cena and the WWE some money in merchandise. In the long run, its going to give Cena a much needed twist to his character, and more importantly, allow Bray Wyatt to make WWE some serious money by putting butts in seats, and eyeballs in fron of the WWE Network for a long time to come.

That's change I can believe in."

Rey Mysterio Signing New Deal

Rey Mysterio might be signing a new deal with WWE soon. He has officially returned from vacation in Hawaii, and is now headed to the WWE HQ. The assumption is that he'll sign a new deal with the company, but may not be wrestling as much (or at all) anymore.

Brie Bella Speaks About Daniel Bryan Father

Brie Bella posted a message on her personal Twitter page to address all the fans who have been reaching out to Daniel Bryan for the loss of his father. The following is what she said, "I want to thank everyone for all their love and support through this difficult time. You have no idea how much it means to us. Heaven gained two beautiful angels this week, Buddy and Connor. They will forever touch our hearts. It's hard to find a rainbow in the midst of a storm but when you do you realize it's all going to be ok. We found that rainbow today. It's not goodbye, but til we meet again. Love to you all and thank you again. #BuddyDanielson #ConnorMichalek #TilWeMeetAgain #thankyou."

Daniel Bryan Return Date

As was reported, Daniel Bryan's father passed away last Monday, so the assumption was that he'd be taking about a month off of television to stay with the family. It looks like that won't be happening because the WWE World Heavyweight Champion is scheduled for both Raw and Smackdown next week.

Undertaker Vs Sting

WWE recently posted a video on their website that was looking at a fantasy match between Sting, and the Undertaker. When the company drops subtle hints like this, it usually means there is some merit to these "fantasy" matches since they're ultimately in control of what matches occur. Looks like a Sting vs Undertaker match is possible next year at Wrestlemania 31.

Stephanie Mcmahon Very Upset

Stephanie McMahon has reportedly been very upset over the Raw script that leaked last week. It's understandable as things like that are very confidential for WWE, and if they start leaking out more often, it could turn into a huge issue for the company.

Why Mick Foley Did Not Sign Legends Deal

As was revealed before, Mick Foley opted not to sign a Legends deal with WWE. The reason he cited was because the royalty checks he received for the previous video game were very low. Other wrestlers were saying the same thing. Mick had one of his agents examine what he should've been payed from the previous WWE video game, and he received a far lower amount than what the agent had discovered. It should be noted that WWE's last game did excellent sales, so it's understandable why performers would be upset for low payments.